No Excuses


Built right alongside your Revolution™ riflescope, Leupold® rings and bases are the right choice for any rifle. Designed to withstand the same rigors and punishment as your scope, Leupold mounts will keep your scope squarely in place atop your favorite firearm.
  • Precisely machined, for reliable performance.
  • Versatile, available for many different rifles.
  • High quality construction at excellent value.
  • Great styling complements any rifle.
  • Built in the USA.


Leupold has created a number of mounting systems, each matched to different needs and preferences. Most of the following rings and bases are available in gloss, matte or silver to compliment your scope or receiver. Different ring heights accommodate various objective sizes and barrel shapes.
Standard Mounts
Standard (STD™) Mounts
The Leupold steel standard bases and rings are the most versatile of any mounting system we offer. The rear ring is secured by windage adjustment screws, allowing the scope’s internal adjustments to be reserved for precise sight-in. Additionally, shims can be used for gross elevation adjustment, reserving the scope’s elevation adjustment for bullet drop compensation dial applications.  
Dual Dovetail Mounts
Dual Dovetail™ (DD) Mounts
Leupold’s steel Dual Dovetail bases and rings are one of our strongest mount systems, designed for large caliber rifles with high recoils. The twist-and-lock action of the rings ensures a strong connection with the one or two-piece base.  
Leupold Ringmounts
Use as a high-quality alternative to ringmounts sold by firearms manufacturers and as a no-tap mounting method for most .22 rimfire rifles with a 11mm, 13mm, or 3/8″ dovetail rail. Because these rings are machined from solid steel, they offer superior integrity and tighter tolerances.  
Rifleman Mounts
Rifleman Mounts
Leupold’s aluminum Rifleman mounts are an economical alternative to steel mounts, yet these rings and bases still provide the strength and accuracy you expect from Leupold.  
QR Mounts
QR™ (Quick Release) Mounts
The steel QR mounting system allows you to quickly remove your riflescope for storage and transportation. Quickly reattach your scope and return to within half a minute of angle of the original point-of-impact on the target.  
QRW Mounts
QRW™ Mounts
We brought Leupold accuracy to the popular cross-slot format! A few turns of the thumb levers is all it takes to connect or disconnect your scope from the one or two-piece base, or Picatiny-style rail. Each time the scope is reattached it will return to within one half a minute of angle of the original point-of-impact on the target.  
PRW Mounts
PRW™ Mounts
Leupold’s PRW mounts provide a solid and permanent mount of your scope to a QRW base or a Picatiny-style rail.  
Mark 4 Mounts
Mark 4 Tactical Mounts
Mark 4 tactical bases and rings are the strongest of all Leupold mounting systems. The one-piece base features a built-in 15 MOA slope for long range shooting. Both 6-48 shoulder screws and the larger 8-40 screws are included to accommodate high recoil applications. Strong 1/2″ keeper nuts lock the rings solidly against the one or two-piece bases, or any Picatiny-style rail.  

Selecting the right bases and ring height. Every mounting system has a variety of bases and ring heights to fit many different rifle and scope combinations. Use the Leupold Mounting System finder to determine the correct bases for your rifle and the correct ring height needed for your scope’s objective size.