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  • Redfield Revolution Named Optic of the Year

    NRA publication “American Hunter” honors the Redfield Revolution with the Golden Bullseye Award for 2011 Optic of the Year. This much-coveted award, now in its ninth year, is a symbol of excellence, innovation and quality in firearms, accessories and related equipment.

    • December, 2010
    • American Hunter
    • by NRA Staff
  • It All Adds Up

    One new-to-the-market Redfield 4-12X riflescope plus one Ultra Light Arms .280 equal one first-rate hunting combination. The big deal? An American-made scope at an economical price, with a traditional and familiar name.

    • February, 2010
    • Guns & Ammo
    • by Craig Boddington
  • The Redfield Revival

    Leupold buys its historic rival and returns an honored brand to the woods. Fifty years ago, the idea of Leupold selling Redfield scopes would have been unthinkable.

    • February 18, 2010
    • Shooting Times
    • by Wayne van Zwoll
  • Out with the Old, in with the Very Old

    Thanks to the good folks at Leupold & Stevens an American icon is back where it belongs. Now, with Redfield making a big comeback in a big way, there’s a real solid choice in the lower end of the price spectrum.

    • January, 2010
    • One American’s Place on the Web
    • by Nicholas Fitzgerald
  • Redfield Scopes

    If you’re an old fart like me, you remember Redfield scopes. If you’ve been watching the sporting news at all, you know that Leupold recently bought the Redfield name and intellectual property.

    • January, 2010
    • PawPaw’s House
    • by PawPaw
  • Redfield Revived

    Given the present state of the economy, an American-made scope for $129 should have no trouble finding its place in the market. American hunters didn’t invent brand loyalty, but as a group they’re as passionate about it as anyone. Show me a hunter and I’ll show you a favorite Browning, Federal, Filson or Danner, or a favorite cartridge (.30-06, anyone?). Here’s another name hunters favor: Redfield.

    • December, 2009
    • American Hunter
    • by J. Scott Olmsted
  • Redfield is Back, and Made in the USA

    Several generations of hunters and shooters relied upon Redfield riflescopes from the time that scopes become popular until the Redfield factory shut down back in 1998. Last year, Leupold & Stevens bought the Redfield name, and are now producing Redfield scopes in their Beaverton, Oregon plant.

    • December, 2009
    • by Jeff Quinn
  • Redfield is back

    …at the new Redfield price point, Leupold is hitting a piece of the market it never really has had, and in a tight economy, it makes total sense. As impressive to me as the resurrection of the Redfield brand happens to be, the exciting part of the bigger picture is that Leupold is making a bold market statement in the process.

    • December, 2009
    • by Steve Comus
  • Leupold Buys the Redfield Brand

    I have always enjoyed a good Leupold brand scope and they have been a great supporter of King’s and Hunting Illustrated. Leupold is currently one of our sponsors for our King’s ShadowCamo photo contest. I saw this press release and read it with interest…

    • April, 2009
    • King’s Outdoor World Blog
    • by David King